Alcohol Gel Hand Rub Cartridge

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6 x 1 Litre

Quick acting and highly effective, alcohol-based, gel hand disinfectant.

Kills a range of bacteria, enveloped viruses and yeast.

Rapidly evaporates from hands

Passes EN 14476 against all enveloped viruses with a 1-minute contact time.

Contains 70% alcohol.

Added glycerol emollient to maintain skin condition.

Disinfects hands after washing or wherever soap and water are not readily available.

Passes EN 1276 with a 30-second contact time.

Also passes EN 1500 and EN 13727.

Rapidly evaporates from hands without leaving a residue or odour.

Recommended wherever food is handled, prepared or served.

Ideal for in between patient contact in non-surgical medical care establishments.

Minimum viscosity of 1500 cP measured using a Brookfield instrument with Spindle 3 and at 30 rpm.

pH - undiluted: 5.5

Shelf life: 2 years

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